Meal Planning Software

The Dietetic Meal Planning System is an all-in-one meal planning/dietetic system built specifically for Registered Dietitians. 

This computer program allows you to create personalized 7-day meal plans for individuals, analyze foods and recipes within seconds, and calculate daily Calories and essential nutrients.  Nutrient values are shown in a Daily Nutrition Facts Table and as a 7-day Average.  Each completed meal plan includes a print out of the clients/patients 7-day menu, healthy recipes, and a weekly grocery list.

Key Features of the Dietetic Meal Planning System:

  • Contains a nutrient database of over 5700 commonly used foods 
  • Option to add food, recipes, and specific brand names of your choice
  • Contains over 300 of our favourite healthy recipes to get you started
  • Contains 250 health groups with specific calorie and daily nutrient targets
  • Meal Plans include a weekly grocery list, containing every food & ingredient the patient will need to follow the plan for the week
  • Our Contact Management System (CMS) gives you the ability to store your clients/patients personal information and send mass emails

Cost: FREE for 30 days, then only $19.99/month CAD (+tax)

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  • Our 3 Dietitians really like working with your meal planner program and we started printing nutrition news every month and posting them to the clinic.
    – Michael H, Owner

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